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Our expertise spans the healthcare spectrum, and the real-world experience of our experts has been decades in the making. - Doug Elwell, HMA CEO

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With over 200 years of combined experience battling America’s addiction crisis, no one knows how to build effective addiction treatment programs like we do. Meet a few members of our expert team.

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Addiction/SUD Treatment Services

The U.S. addiction treatment system has been neglected for the entirety of its existence. However, the opioid crisis laid bare the need to rapidly develop a comprehensive, predictable, and high-quality system of care. The need for all levels of care to deliver evidence-based care is paramount to this success. With a combination of federal funding and the impending opioid settlement dollars, communities can solve this crisis. HMA’s deep bench of experts can help you seize this moment in time to solidify your current business and expand to meet the new needs that parity and the post-COVID reality will bring.


Co-Occurring Services

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) often occurs with chronic health conditions such as serious mental illness (SMI) or serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) making treatment complex and at times very difficult for patients to access. Benefits with early detection and effective care coordination can enhance treatment options and drive better results for these very complex patients. HMA has solutions for the complex challenges of treating co-occurring SUD that support providers in building local patient-centered, evidence-based, sustainable and integrated practices across healthcare, crisis intervention, local law enforcement, justice, and other systems.


Community Support Services

Good health is about more than just good healthcare. It starts with the basics for our communities — healthy food, clean air and water, safe housing, and equitable treatment. HMA has extensive experience with community support services; developing, implementing, and evaluating service delivery models focused on supporting individuals with substance/opioid use disorder; and with best practice models to improve outcomes for these individuals while reducing costs and supporting public safety and health missions.


Data Analysis and Visualization

Healthcare in its ideal state is a pursuit of wellness in all patients aided by their healthcare providers. Data analysis, technology and data visualization have a very necessary role in promoting that patients have access to the tools they need to treat addiction in a way that is helpful, safe and protects their confidentiality. Providers need to have access to the necessary tools to guide their interactions with their patients to break the cycle of addiction. HMA’s Institute on Addiction (HMA IOA) is uniquely suited to use a combination of clinical, administrative and data expertise to aide both the provider and the patient in these interactions


Hospital-Based Services

In many communities, hospitals serve as the anchor institutions for healthcare. However, few hospitals have addiction treatment lines of service. This includes no clear and consistent approach to patients with addiction when they present to the Emergency Department or inpatient locations. As COVID-19 begins to abate, you will need to be prepared to identify, treat and connect patients with addiction treatment services in order to meet future Joint Commission and CMS regulations. HMA has the expertise to deliver full line of service development support, including protocols, training, billing and quality improvement collaborations.


Justice Involved Services

As the justice involved population is set to see unprecedented changes approaches in care and coordination the system must be ready.HMA’s correctional health team is made up of nationally recognized experts who are uniquely prepared to help correctional systems and providers design, deliver, and manage top-notch, affordable inmate health services. We are experienced in direct service, contract, university-based, fully privatized, and blended models of care, and in vendor contract procurement and management. Our team has hands-on experience with correctional healthcare and provides the perspective and technical resources that correctional systems need to control costs, deliver effective and efficient care, mitigate risk, and prepare for the future.


Primary Care Services

With the ever-expanding scope of practice in the primary care landscape, taking on addiction treatment may seem daunting. However, the approach to screening assessment, treating, and coordinating care for addiction patients does not have to be all consuming. There are high quality, evidence-based practices that can fit right into your normal workday. With only a few small tweaks and some extra education you will be able to identify, treat and bill for your own patients that are suffering from addiction. HMA has extensive experience helping clients successfully plan, implement, and expand Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and addiction treatment services in primary care settings.


Publicly Funded Payment Programs

Early identification and intervention, as well as treatment of substance use disorder (SUD), is for many individuals provided through publicly funded healthcare systems and their providers. Funding sources for these programs include Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration block grant dollars administered by states, state and local funding sources, Veteran’s Health Administration funding and, over time, more significantly through Medicaid and Medicare programs. As such, providers must navigate priority population, data reporting and other funding requirements and are incentivized to leverage evidenced-based approaches in order to achieve required outcomes. The HMA Institute on Addiction (HMA IOA) team has extensive knowledge and understanding of public funding requirements and ways in which providers can optimize these funding streams to meet their agency or program’s specific mission.


Quality and Performance

As payment slowly, but consistently moves toward pay for performance and quality, systems must stay one step ahead. HMA has extensive experience supporting clients to drive quality and outcomes across their treatment settings to ensure predictable service delivery, efficient and high-quality evaluation and treatment of patients, and seamless transition into the treatment ecosystem. We support organizations with an array of services from high-level organizational performance management approaches to improvements at the point of care.


Workforce Development and Education

Educating and supporting interprofessional teams can be a daunting task if the cultural realities are not considered. By creating competency-based curricula that is culturally relevant and evidence-based is something that our subject matter experts genuinely enjoy. With a combination of in person teaching, online content we can address the deeply complex topics of addiction pain and the behavioral sciences. When needed we will collaboratively develop a comprehensive guideline, toolkit or implementation packet that can mean the difference between just doing the work and “showing your work.” Our experts leverage their vast experience to provide the research and education clients need to advance industry best practices in addiction treatment.


State and County Agencies

Single State Agency (SSA) substance abuse and addiction authorities, Medicaid agencies, and in some cases their county administrator counterparts, are charged with ensuring access to a full continuum of prevention and treatment services and supports for individuals with emerging or existing substance use disorders (SUD). This is accomplished through administering multiple public funding streams and providing support and oversight to a network of SUD providers who deliver these essential recovery services and supports.


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