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Workforce Development and Education

Educating and supporting interprofessional teams can be a daunting task if the cultural realities are not considered. By creating competency-based curricula that is culturally relevant and evidence-based is something that our subject matter experts genuinely enjoy. With a combination of in person teaching, online content we can address the deeply complex topics of addiction pain and the behavioral sciences. When needed we will collaboratively develop a comprehensive guideline, toolkit or implementation packet that can mean the difference between just doing the work and “showing your work.” Our experts leverage their vast experience to provide the research and education clients need to advance industry best practices in addiction treatment.

What We Do

Learning management system (HMAedu.com)

Curriculum development and delivery

Treatment guidelines

Toolkit and issue brief development

Collaborative Learning

Learning management system (HMAedu.com)

  • A custom built interprofessional training platform 
  • Training on addiction, pain, and the behavioral sciences 
  • Over 30+ hours of content 

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