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State and County Agencies

Single State Agency (SSA) substance abuse and addiction authorities, Medicaid agencies, and in some cases their county administrator counterparts, are charged with ensuring access to a full continuum of prevention and treatment services and supports for individuals with emerging or existing substance use disorders (SUD). This is accomplished through administering multiple public funding streams and providing support and oversight to a network of SUD providers who deliver these essential recovery services and supports.

What We Do

SUD system review

Review of administrative structure with recommendations for increased efficiencies while maintaining statutory responsibilities

Review, summary and analysis of federal and state policy changes and their potential impact for state and/or local administrators

Support for the development of SUD related Medicaid state plan and/or waivers, including policy and program development, as well as application documentation support

Support in the development of, or changes to, Medicaid managed care arrangements for the administration of SUD services

Strategy, planning and implementation support for discretionary grant funding; including procurement development for disbursement of funds

SUD system review

  • Strategic planning  
  • Data analytics 
  • Ecosystem evaluation 

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Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

HMA is working closely with the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH) in Delaware to support major components of its State Opioid Response and COVID-19 funding initiatives including supporting their stakeholder engagement across the stat... learn more

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