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Quality and Performance

As payment slowly, but consistently moves toward pay for performance and quality, systems must stay one step ahead. HMA has extensive experience supporting clients to drive quality and outcomes across their treatment settings to ensure predictable service delivery, efficient and high-quality evaluation and treatment of patients, and seamless transition into the treatment ecosystem. We support organizations with an array of services from high-level organizational performance management approaches to improvements at the point of care.

What We Do

Organizational level performance

Clinical quality and performance

Operational quality and performance

Organizational level performance

  • Development of a framework for performance measurement at the organizational level including approach to data collection, measure or metric selection, establishment of baselines and ongoing monitoring mechanisms 
  • Development of a culture of continuous quality improvement through leadership communications, adaptive strategies to engage employees in improvement and the implementation of mechanisms to support continuous improvement such as measurement-based care and rapid-cycle testing 
  • Integration of the lived experience at the organizational level to ascertain that performance improvement efforts are grounded in the perspectives and experiences of individuals in recovery 

Expertise In Action

Harris County Texas Sheriff – Risk Mitigation Evaluation

HMA conducted a comprehensive evaluation of suicide risk in the Harris County Jail, the third largest jail in the country. The comprehensive review included all policies and procedures, infrastructure, quality improvement and professional review practic... learn more

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