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Primary Care Services

With the ever-expanding scope of practice in the primary care landscape, taking on addiction treatment may seem daunting. However, the approach to screening assessment, treating, and coordinating care for addiction patients does not have to be all consuming. There are high quality, evidence-based practices that can fit right into your normal workday. With only a few small tweaks and some extra education you will be able to identify, treat and bill for your own patients that are suffering from addiction. HMA has extensive experience helping clients successfully plan, implement, and expand Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and addiction treatment services in primary care settings.

What We Do

FQHC implementation of MAT services within primary care programs

Technical assistance for interprofessional team-based care

Training and mentoring of new prescribers

Expertise from HMA

FQHC implementation of MAT services within primary care programs

  • development of policies, protocols, guidelines and  
  • workflows for patients 
  • administration, operations support and guidance 
  • clinical teams' education and ongoing support 

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