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Justice Involved Services

As the justice involved population is set to see unprecedented changes approaches in care and coordination the system must be ready.HMA’s correctional health team is made up of nationally recognized experts who are uniquely prepared to help correctional systems and providers design, deliver, and manage top-notch, affordable inmate health services. We are experienced in direct service, contract, university-based, fully privatized, and blended models of care, and in vendor contract procurement and management. Our team has hands-on experience with correctional healthcare and provides the perspective and technical resources that correctional systems need to control costs, deliver effective and efficient care, mitigate risk, and prepare for the future.

What We Do

The 30-thousand-foot overview

Co-Occurring Conditions in Justice-Involved Individuals

Developing Solutions Across the Sequential Intercept Model



The 30-thousand-foot overview

  • Provided healthcare to inmates of jails and prisons, as employees and for correctional health vendors
  • Served as medical monitors in court-ordered arrangements
  • Served as expert witnesses in legal challenges to inmate health services
  • Conducted assessments for suicide risk mitigation in detention settings
  • Consulted with the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, American Correctional Association, U.S. Department of Justice, and provided presentations to their national audiences
  • Assisted prison systems and jails in writing Requests for Proposals for contracted healthcare services and evaluating responses
  • Helped prison systems and jails evaluate and procure Electronic Medical Records
  • Conducted end-to-end evaluation of prescription drug ordering, procurement, dispensing/delivery, and safeguarding, including pricing and rebate audits
  • Developed addiction treatment services including the use of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in prisons and jails
  • Assisted prisons and jails in moving from inefficient and outmoded models of care to “medical home” models tailored to the correctional setting

Expertise In Action

Arnold Ventures

HMA consulted with Arnold Ventures to develop a best practice model for diversion of people with mental illness and/or addiction in crisis. This model provides an alternative to law enforcement for disposition of people in crisis, allowing them to quick... learn more

Los Angeles County Jails

HMA is currently engaged by the Los Angeles Department of Health Services in two projects at the LA County Jails. This system of five large jails houses 17,000 inmates a day. HMA is helping the system spread substance use treatment services across its f... learn more

Rikers Island/New York Health and Hospitals Corporation

HMA is currently engaged by the New York Health + Hospitals Corporation (H+H) to recommend configurations of healthcare services as the nine jails on Rikers Island reduce their census and eventually close over the next seven to 10 years. This project in... learn more

Michigan Department of Corrections

HMA has been continuously engaged with the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) since 2009. MDOC operates 32 prisons across the state, housing 44,000 inmates. During this time, we have provided consultation to implement best practices in a wide var... learn more

San Mateo County, California, Correctional Health Services

HMA conducted a comprehensive analysis of the healthcare services provided to adults and juveniles in the San Mateo County Jail and probation systems to recommend best practices that could be implemented as the county opened a new jail facility. HMA’s r... learn more

Public Health Solutions Jail Medical Record Review

HMA is conducting chart reviews of healthcare services provided by a contracted correctional health vendor to 11 jails in New York. This work is under the direction of the New York Attorney General, which has required oversight of the services based on ... learn more

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