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Hospital-Based Services

In many communities, hospitals serve as the anchor institutions for healthcare. However, few hospitals have addiction treatment lines of service. This includes no clear and consistent approach to patients with addiction when they present to the Emergency Department or inpatient locations. As COVID-19 begins to abate, you will need to be prepared to identify, treat and connect patients with addiction treatment services in order to meet future Joint Commission and CMS regulations. HMA has the expertise to deliver full line of service development support, including protocols, training, billing and quality improvement collaborations.

What We Do

Ecosystem scan via data analysis or individual interviews for addiction treatment capabilities and capacity

Prescribers best practices

Emergency Department / Inpatient locations including the ICU

Quality metric development

Ecosystem scan via data analysis or individual interviews for addiction treatment capabilities and capacity

  • Hospital size 
  • Community service area 
    • Rural and Urban 
  • Academic Medical Center, Community Hospital, or Safety Net Hospital 
  • Payer mix 
  • Community partner identification  
  • Inpatient treatment center 

Expertise In Action

ED support

HMA assisted HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, in obtaining funding to transform an emerging pilot program for Emergency Department (ED) Induction onto Buprenorphine to a sustainable service line. HMA’s MAT Readiness Assessment will b... learn more

County Hospital Support

Ecosystem evaluation and report development for multiple counties in California. In this large-scale SOR1 funded project, we were able to do a deep dive Ecosystem scans of 10 counties throughout California. For each of the counties we determined the pro... learn more

Inner City Hospital

Our team worked with a Level 1 trauma center in Boston to create a comprehensive screening, assessment and treatment pathway for patients with substance use disorder. This included two interprofessional collaborative planning events that culminated in t... learn more

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