Harm Reduction

HMA's experts have the knowledge and skill to support the development and implementation of programs and services that address the spectrum of substance use and prevention efforts. People use substances for different reasons, including medical purposes; religious or ceremonial purposes; personal enjoyment; or to cope with stress, trauma, or pain. Substance use is different for everyone and can be viewed on a spectrum with varying stages of benefits and harms. Our teams understand the nuance related to substance use, substance misuse, and substance use disorders from primary, secondary, and tertiary strategies as well as the interconnectedness with treatment, recovery, and harm reduction.

Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with substance use. There are a multitude of effective substance misuse prevention interventions that may have different areas of focus and can be implemented in a variety of settings. Interventions can involve the family, school, and community and may provide substance abuse prevention for an individual or a specific population by focusing on environmental and community factors and policies, developmental factors, or skill development.


Our teams have expertise across the field of prevention, from positive youth development and community strategies, to targeted harm reduction, and linkages to care. HMA's experts can help you to understand, assess, plan, implement, and evaluate efforts in all areas of prevention.

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