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Data Analysis and Visualization

Healthcare in its ideal state is a pursuit of wellness in all patients aided by their healthcare providers. Data analysis, technology and data visualization have a very necessary role in promoting that patients have access to the tools they need to treat addiction in a way that is helpful, safe and protects their confidentiality. Providers need to have access to the necessary tools to guide their interactions with their patients to break the cycle of addiction. HMA’s Institute on Addiction (HMA IOA) is uniquely suited to use a combination of clinical, administrative and data expertise to aide both the provider and the patient in these interactions

What We Do

Data analysis and visualization


Operationalizing data sharing

Data analysis and visualization

  • Dashboard creation 
  • Network adequacy mapping 
  • Population health management 
  • Risk identification 
  • Risk scoring 
  • Quality metric calculation 

Expertise In Action

AddictionFreeCA.Org Dashboard

Our experts built a dashboard to identify opioid use disorder (OUD) trends and data in California. The dashboard combines numerous public health data sets to identify trends in OUD markers (ED Visits, Overdose). It also identifies pockets of access to B... learn more

LA DHS Out of Network Care Analysis

HMA performed a data analysis project to identify pockets of inadequate access to primary care. We combined census, claims, demographic, encounter and membership data to identify areas with inadequate access to primary care. This aided DHS in identifyin... learn more


Our team coordinated with the Michigan Department of Corrections to build its COVID-19 tracker. This tracking program allows MDOC staff to upload or create new test results for inmates and provides daily prevalence reporting. We also engaged in some ris... learn more

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