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Community Support Services

Good health is about more than just good healthcare. It starts with the basics for our communities — healthy food, clean air and water, safe housing, and equitable treatment. HMA has extensive experience with community support services; developing, implementing, and evaluating service delivery models focused on supporting individuals with substance/opioid use disorder; and with best practice models to improve outcomes for these individuals while reducing costs and supporting public safety and health missions.

What We Do

Stakeholder engagement

Research and evaluation

Data analytics

Community health assessments

Strategic planning and capacity building

Program and organizational assessment and development

Policy analysis

Stakeholder engagement

  • Enhance communication 
  • Build relationships inter- and extra-organizationally 
  • Develop consensus for strategic planning 
  • Programmatic evaluation

Expertise In Action

Homeless Community

Evaluated homeless strategies for interim housing and emergency shelters which included recommendations to improve the treatment recovery ecosystem. learn more

LGBTQ Community

Worked with LGBTQ community-based organizations to engage in participatory research and rigorous program evaluation to create an evidence base for their effectiveness. Research indicates that LGBTQ individuals, when compared with the general population,... learn more

Government Agencies

Worked with a government agency to co-create a policy change model centering racial equity and meaningful community engagement, co-creating a curriculum, and facilitating the curriculum to teams composed of community members and local public health offi... learn more

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