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Co-Occurring Services

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) often occurs with chronic health conditions such as serious mental illness (SMI) or serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) making treatment complex and at times very difficult for patients to access. Benefits with early detection and effective care coordination can enhance treatment options and drive better results for these very complex patients. HMA has solutions for the complex challenges of treating co-occurring SUD that support providers in building local patient-centered, evidence-based, sustainable and integrated practices across healthcare, crisis intervention, local law enforcement, justice, and other systems.

What We Do

Implementation and expansion of evidence-based treatment

Justice involved support

Integration of Technology

Vendor solutions

Enhancing transitions of care to the community

Implementation and expansion of evidence-based treatment

  • Assessment of current state and implementation planning 
  • Training and education for clinical and non-clinical staff on core competencies for best practice, evidence-based care 
  • Integration of prescribers and workflows for treatment programs that do not currently have prescribers on site 
  • Development of clinical and operational workflows and implementation of technical assistance  
  • Training and mentoring new X Waiver prescribers 
  • Training on evidence-based behavioral health interventions  
  • Training and development of interdisciplinary care teams; team-based care 
  • Building cross sector collaboration with community partners 
  • Development of quality metrics and technical assistance for organizational infrastructure change management to achieve outcomes 
  • Lean processing of current service delivery  
  • Stigma abatement 
  • Academic detailing of current services delivered  

Expertise In Action

TA and Training for Co-occurring/SUDs

The HMA IOA is developing and delivering over 20 hours of Co-occurring related education to over 100 physicians for the SUD expansion project learn more

Delaware Behavioral Health Integration (SIM grant-funded)

Establishment of a technical assistance learning collaborative for primary care and behavioral health providers throughout the state to improve service delivery system capability to identify and treat individuals with behavioral health and chronic condi... learn more

The California State Hospital System

In this project we are developing integrated treatment programming and education focused on the population with SMI and SPMI. learn more

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