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Marci Eads

Marci Eads


Managing Director

Denver, CO


Marci Eads has 20 years of experience in applied research and evaluation, program development and innovation, and quantitative and qualitative data collection and analyses. She works with county, state, and federal governmental agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations to improve health care programs, systems, and assess cost savings and quality outcomes. Dr. Eads focus is on utilization with a goal of providing clients with immediately useful results and recommendations to assist them in planning, implementing, and improving policies and programs. Throughout her career, she worked with clients on health care reform, integration of care systems, and needs assessments for vulnerable populations, and has conducted complex research and evaluation in a variety of areas. Specific projects include research on the cost, quality, and health impacts of intensive case management on patients with multiple chronic conditions, cross agency research on community capacity to care for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disabilities, research on the needs of caregivers and the cost impacts of providing respite services, research on access to preventive services, evaluation of initiatives designed to improve access to mental health and substance use services, and research on utilization of services. She led dozens of program development, research, training, and evaluation projects, including large multi-year federal, state, and foundation supported projects designed to meet the needs of high need, underserved populations. 

Dr. Eads is the managing director of HMA Community Strategies, an operating division within HMA designed specifically to support communities and community-based organizations in their efforts to develop healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities and address the social determinants of health in partnership with the healthcare system. She taught graduate statistics, research methods, and program evaluation for over ten years at the University of Colorado, and served as a senior fellow with the Buechner Institute for Governance. 

Dr. Eads earned her doctorate of sociology from the University of Colorado, and her bachelor of arts degree in English from DePauw University.

Fun Fact
I am an avid (i.e., obsessed) rock climber.

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